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At Blue Bird Dentistry, we believe in providing you with the highest standard of dental care available. Dr. Elnahass devotes himself to hours of continuing education and specialized training to ensure that we are on the leading edge of dentistry. One area where we take pride is in our state-of-the-art technology that streamlines your treatments, improves your comfort, and delivers reliable outcomes.

Please take a moment to browse through the technology we currently offer to our patients. If you have questions or would like to arrange an appointment, please call our Fredericksburg dentist office at (540) 373-1641.

3-D Cone Beam Imaging

Digital x-rays in Fredericksburg are valuable because they show us a two-dimensional image of your teeth, allowing us to diagnose conditions early before they cause pain and damage your oral health.

Sometimes, however, specific procedures require a more detailed image, and 3-D cone beam imaging (CBCT) provides valuable information that we would not be able to see in a traditional x-ray.

CBCT allows Dr. Elnahass to see a complete 3-D image of your mouth that we can view from 360 degrees. It zooms through tissue to show gum structure, teeth, and sinuses, measures the thickness of bone, and determines the orientation of nerves.

These state-of-the-art images provide such highly detailed information that we use them to plan dental implant placement, tooth extractions, root canals, and orthodontic treatment with fewer risks and greater precision. 

Nitrous Oxide

With gentle sedation dentistry methods like nitrous oxide, there’s no reason for you ever to fear a dental appointment in Fredericksburg again! Nitrous is a gas that is delivered through a small, comfortable nasal mask, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and breathe normally. In a few moments, you will feel a euphoric sensation that helps you detach from the activity around you.

Nitrous won’t put you to sleep, but it will allow you to relax and get the care you need to maintain a healthy smile. Most patients who use nitrous have little to no memory of what happened during their procedure, and the effects of nitrous dissipate almost immediately, so you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment and return to your usual daily routine when you leave our 22401 dental office.

Electric Handpieces

Many patients who are fearful about dental care in Fredericksburg, VA tell us that one of the triggers for their anxiety is the noise and vibration of a dental drill. For this reason, we have invested in electric handpieces that are quieter and produce less vibration than air-driven handpieces.

Panoramic X-Rays

In some cases, it is helpful for our 22401 dentist to see your entire mouth in a single image. A panoramic x-ray is just like the panoramic photo you take on your phone and gives Dr. Elnahass a full view of your teeth, upper and lower jaws, and all supporting structures.

Panoramic x-rays are excellent for children and adults who can’t tolerate traditional x-rays because they are extra-oral, which means they’re taken outside of the mouth.

Digital Sensors

With the addition of low-dose digital imaging, dental x-rays today are faster, more comfortable, and provide more detail than ever before. Even the method we use for taking x-rays is easier; instead of bulky x-ray film that you have to hold between your teeth, at Blue Bird Dentistry, we use digital sensors that are smooth, flat, and have rounded edges so they won’t poke into tender tissue in your mouth. Not only are digital sensors comfortable, but they also produce highly-detailed images that show our Fredericksburg dentist what’s happening inside your teeth and gums.

Intraoral Cameras

Have you ever wondered what your dentist sees when they look in your mouth? Today, with the use of intraoral cameras you can! The camera is about the size of a pen, and as Dr. Elnahass directs it over your teeth, the highly-detailed images appear in real time on your chairside monitor.

Intraoral cameras are an excellent educational tool because you can see what we see, which helps you understand what the problem is and how treatment will help. The images can also be stored with your digital patient record for easy reference.

Digital Records

Your patient record contains vital information, so we store yours on our secure in-house network. Digital records provide quick and easy access to the information we need to monitor your oral health and make treatment decisions. We can also quickly send your information to insurance providers or specialists as necessary.

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