Dental Implants in Fredericksburg, VA

Blonde woman smiling at Alum Spring Park in Fredericksburg, VAAre missing teeth preventing you from enjoying the quality of life you deserve?

At Blue Bird Dentistry, Dr. Mohamed Elnahass, DDS understands how tooth loss can impact your livelihood, changing the way you speak and even the way you eat. Missing teeth can also cause existing teeth to shift, which leads to improper chewing, erosion, and the potential for further tooth loss in the future.

When you don’t have all your teeth, eating nutritious and flavorful foods can be a challenge. But missing teeth can also cause discomfort and make you so self-conscious that you want to hide your smile.

Full and partial dentures are a time-tested solution for tooth replacement, but they have drawbacks like unexpectedly shifting when you laugh or sneeze. Dentures also need periodic realigns, or daily adhesives as your jawbone shrinks over time.

It’s true! Without the support of teeth or dental implant posts, your jawbone shrinks, creating a sunken appearance and causing your dentures not to fit as snuggly as they did when you first got them.

Dr. Mohamed Elnahass understands how complicated life can seem when you have to deal with tooth loss. For this reason, we offer dental implants to help patients near Fredericksburg make the transition from lowered self-esteem and discomfort to a more fulfilling quality of life.

Our implant dentist also understands that no two cases or patients are alike, and that’s why he reviews your details, answers your questions, and develops a treatment plan that’s customized for your needs. You’ll receive a thorough evaluation, detailed information about treatment, and he’ll work hard to create a plan that makes your smile journey more affordable.

If you would like to learn whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants, contact our dental team today at (540) 373-1641, or schedule an appointment online!

Why are dental implants called the gold standard in tooth replacement?

Dental implants are a state-of-the-art solution to adult tooth loss. There is simply no better tooth replacement option when it comes to a tooth restoration that mimics natural teeth.

The secret to their popularity is the biocompatible titanium replacement root that Dr. Elnahass places in your jaw. As bone and tissue around the implant heal, they integrate with the implant and form a permanent bond, similar to a natural tooth root.

Since the implant post is firmly rooted in your jaw, we can attach a crown, bridge, or denture to restore function and appearance.

Procedure for Implants at Blue Bird Dentistry

The process begins with a thorough exam and consultation with our implant dentist. During this exam, Dr. Elnahass determines whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants.  If you are a good candidate, the process is usually completed in three steps.

Step 1: In preparation for your implant, Dr. Elnahass uses state-of-the-art cone beam technology (CBCT) that provides a three-dimensional image of your teeth including soft tissues, bone, and nerve pathways. This view allows him to plan the precise placement of your implant for the best long-term outcome.

Step 2:  Dr. Elnahass expertly places the titanium implant post in your jaw during a comfortable procedure in our Fredericksburg dental office. This post replaces the lost tooth root and stimulates regeneration of bone in your jaw. The implant is then left to heal for several months before we move on to the final step in the process. 

Step 3: After the implant heals, you’ll return to our dental office, and Dr. Elnahass will affix an attachment called an abutment. This piece connects your post to a functional dental restoration or replacement tooth that is colored to match your existing teeth. 

Can Dr. Elnahass do all the work in-house?


When considering a procedure like dental implants, it’s nice to know you can count on one professional to handle the entire process. Dr. Elnahass is trained in implant placement, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your care is being handled by a dentist you already know and trust. 

Additionally, this makes follow-up appointments that much easier! At Blue Bird Dentistry, you only have one dental office to visit.

What are the oral health benefits of choosing dental implants?

Tooth loss impacts your emotional wellness and your oral health. When teeth are missing, existing teeth shift or move toward these hollow spaces. When teeth shift, your bite is not even, and this causes wear and erosion on your remaining teeth. Eventually, this can lead to cavities, toothaches, jaw pain, dental emergencies, and even tooth loss.

Also, when teeth are missing, your jawbone shrinks. This causes a sunken and aged appearance. In some cases, it even changes your facial profile from the side.

A full set of teeth provides a better bite, a stronger impact when chewing, and allows for a more diverse and healthy dietary selection.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

Most patients compare dental implant surgery to the mild pain associated with less-invasive procedures. The titanium posts are thin but sturdy, which means only mild swelling and discomfort for a few days following placement. Also, Dr. Elnahass and his team are known for their gentle hands.

During the procedure, you will be numb, and we also use nitrous oxide for patients who need a little extra to combat anxiety. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a sweet-smelling gas delivered through a small nose mask. It provides a euphoric or happy feeling. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly when your mask is removed and has no lingering side effects.

We think you’ll be pleased with the pleasant atmosphere at Blue Bird Dentistry and the easy hand of our office. 

Will my dental implants look natural?

Dr. Elnahass is not satisfied unless your dental implant matches your surrounding teeth—both in color and in shape. He relies on the best and latest materials to give patients the most natural- looking restorations around.

Our patients would not trust dental implants with any other dentist!

If I have full tooth loss, how can dental implants help me?

Dental implant posts are sturdy, which means that a few posts can support a bridge of natural-looking restoration teeth or even a full denture. The process is similar to a single dental Diagram of dental implant being placed in gums at 22401 dentist officeimplant post, and there are numerous benefits including:

  • Restored bite impact
  • No denture slippage
  • No adhesives
  • No in-office realigns

We rely on the best materials and technologies to give our patients the most natural-looking restorations around.

How do I take care of my dental implant?

Dr. Elnahass will provide instructions following your dental implant placement to help you make the most of your new smile. However, implants require no special care other than the type of maintenance you would use to keep natural teeth viable and healthy.

This means following the guidelines established by the American Dental Association, which include:

  • Brushing and flossing regularly
  • Seeing our dentist at least twice per year for exams
  • Having regular teeth cleanings

If you have oral health issues issues, you may be given a more specific or customized schedule for dental visits.

Book a Consultation for Dental Implants in Fredericksburg, VA!

Remember, a dental implant cannot decay, but it also will not prevent gum disease or gum infections. These types of infections can cause you to lose your implant. This is why it’s important to visit our dentist office for routine exams and cleanings.  

If you are living with missing teeth, you owe it to yourself to contact Blue Bird Dentistry at (540) 373-1641 to learn more about dental implants in Fredericksburg, and whether or not they’re the right choice for you!