General Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA

Patient smiling in treatment chair at dentist in Fredericksburg VAAt Blue Bird Dentistry, we provide general dental services to prevent problems from developing, restore teeth if damage occurs, and put the finishing touch on a healthy smile.

When you are looking for a dental home for your family, it’s wise to choose a general dentist. Just like a primary care physician who monitors your overall health needs, a general dentist like Dr. Mohamed Elnahass, DDS oversees all your oral health needs. 

We believe the key to providing the highest quality dental care in Fredericksburg, VA is in the relationships we build with our patients. Visiting a dental practice where you feel valued and respected can completely change your attitude about oral health care. 

Routine Dental Care to Prevent Disease and Emergencies

For patients who enjoy good oral health, we recommend preventive visits to our Fredericksburg dentist office every six months. If you have a history of dental conditions or are prone to decay or gum disease, we may suggest more frequent exams or cleanings so we can stop problems before they start.

Some of the preventive dental services we provide during these visits include:

All of these services are designed to maintain your oral health and keep you a step ahead of conditions like decay and gum disease that damage your oral health and cause pain and discomfort. Additionally, routine visits to our Fredericksburg dentist office will help prevent stressful dental emergencies. 

Restorative Dentistry for Damaged or Missing Teeth

Woman looking at teeth with a hand mirror at dentist near me FredericksburgWe do our best to prevent problems from developing, but every patient comes to us with unique needs. If multiple issues have crept up on you over the years, please don’t worry that we will judge or lecture you; we’re just happy that you have chosen to enjoy a healthier smile, and we will support you in every way we can.

If you have dental damage or missing teeth, we offer tooth-colored fillings, all-ceramic dental crowns, fixed bridges, and dental implants that will restore your oral health and improve your appearance.

Sometimes, though, a tooth is too damaged to be repaired with a simple restoration and requires root canal treatment to save it. Or, if the damage is too severe, an extraction may be in your best interest.

If you need either of these procedures, we can assure you that Dr. Elnahass is a gentle, caring dentist in Fredericksburg who performs these treatments efficiently and comfortably. We can also talk to you about our soothing sedation options if you are interested.

Part of being an outstanding general dentist is knowing when a referral to a specialist is in your best interest. If we do refer you to one of our trusted colleagues, you can be confident that Dr. Elnahass will consult with your specialist to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care.

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