Digital Dental X-Rays in Fredericksburg, VA

Dentist in Fredericksburg, VA examining dental x-ray on computerAt Blue Bird Dentistry, it is our responsibility to ensure that you always receive the highest standard of care possible. Dr. Mohamed Elnahass, DDS and our team devote themselves to learning the latest techniques, and we continually research new dental technology that makes your visits safe, comfortable, and efficient.

As long as they have been used, x-rays have been one of the most important diagnostic tool dentists use. The images allow us to see inside your teeth and beneath your gums where many dental conditions start. We only take x-rays as needed, and the information we obtain makes allows us to diagnose the condition and plan treatment accordingly. 

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

As valuable as x-rays are, many patients today have understandable concerns about exposure to radiation. The fact is that even though exposure with old-fashioned film x-rays is minimal, we can significantly reduce it with digital x-ray technology. In general, digital x-rays have been found to expose patients to as much as 90 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Because of this, dental x-rays are completely safe for our patients at Blue Bird Dentistry. 

How X-Rays Improve Your Oral Health 

A problem like dental infection may go undetected until they are advanced enough to see on a traditional film x-ray, making them more complicated to treat. Digital x-rays are better for your health and also provide highly-detailed images that result in improved diagnoses and better long-term outcomes. Other benefits of digital x-rays are:

  • They are a valuable educational tool because Dr. Elnahass can share the x-ray image with you on your chairside monitor. We can view the images together while he manipulates it to zoom in, make it larger, adjust contrast, and even rotate it so you can get a detailed picture of the problem and understand how the proposed treatment will help. 
  • We store your digital images on our secure network, so they are easily accessible when we need to refer to them for treatment or to send to specialists or your insurance company.
  • Digital x-rays don’t require any chemicals to process, so there is no hazardous waste to dispose of, making digital x-rays are safer for the environment.

Dentist in Fredericksburg looking at digital dental x-ray resultsDigital X-Rays Are Comfortable and Easy

In the past, taking a traditional x-ray involved positioning a small clip of film between your teeth. The film would absorb radiation from the x-ray device and create an image of the tooth, but one of the problems with this process is that it can be uncomfortable for the patient, and in many cases, repeat films would need to be taken to get the exact image needed.

Instead of bulky film, digital x-rays use a flat electronic sensor positioned comfortably in your mouth. As soon as we take the x-ray, the resulting image is sent to your chairside monitor, where you and Dr. Elnahass can view it together.

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