Dental Crowns & Bridges in Fredericksburg

Older Couple Smiling | Tooth Repair with Crowns in FredericksburgWe ask a lot of our teeth and, until one of them is damaged or lost, we tend not to think about how much work they do for us on a daily basis. Subpar oral hygiene combined with a lifetime of enjoying hard and crunchy foods and destructive habits like teeth grinding all take their toll on the health and structure of your teeth.

At Blue Bird Dentistry, our job is to provide treatments that protect and preserve your existing tooth structure for as long as possible. Dental crowns provide a protective structure for a damaged natural tooth.

Dental Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

In many cases, all that’s required is a dental filling to restore a slightly damaged tooth. But sometimes a tooth is too damaged and needs a restoration like a dental crown or a bridge if a tooth is missing.

A crown is designed to encase your natural tooth to protect and strengthen it by restoring its structure. Crowns are versatile, and there are many situations in which we use them: 

  • Restore teeth worn down by teeth grinding
  • Protect a tooth that’s too damaged for a filling 
  • Add strength to a tooth after root canal treatment
  • As part of a total smile makeover
  • Improve the aesthetics of a tooth

The Dental Crowns Procedure

Fredericksburg dental crownsDr. Mohamed Elnahass starts the procedure by altering the tooth’s shape and size to allow space around it for the crown to blend naturally with surrounding teeth. 

Next, we take impressions that we send to a custom dental lab that fabricates your new crown. We will send you home with a temporary to protect the tooth until we have you return for placement of your final crown. Dr. Elnahass will check the restoration for fit and make bite adjustments as needed. The final step is cementing your crown in place and polishing it, so it blends beautifully with your smile.

Dental Bridges Complete Your Smile

Missing teeth are unattractive, but if you don’t replace them, you will have more than an aesthetic problem on your hands. Your teeth tend to shift all throughout your life, so when one is lost, surrounding teeth gradually start to drift into the space. This change in positioning causes tooth misalignment, difficulty with oral hygiene, and problems with your dental bite.

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that is designed to fill the space left by a missing tooth. It is typically a three-piece unit consisting of an artificial tooth called a pontic that is suspended on either side by dental crowns. We attach the crowns to healthy adjacent teeth, and the pontic sits in the space and offers an esthetic solution while also restoring healthy function.

Please Call Us to Arrange a Consultation

Do you have damaged teeth but aren’t sure where to start? Please call to arrange an appointment so Dr. Elnahass can evaluate your needs, talk to you about your goals and expectations, and personalize a treatment plan to get your oral health back on track.