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How can we help you?

In our experience, informed patients tend to be more proactive and enjoy better oral health than those who are not. At Blue Bird Dentistry, we always encourage you to ask questions because we can’t know what’s on your mind unless you tell us, and your questions help us understand what is important to you and how we can tailor treatment to your needs.

Here are a few questions our patients ask us frequently, but you may have some of your own that aren’t listed here. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (540) 373-1641 or use our convenient online contact form.


Dental insurance files at dentist office in Fredericksburg VAAt Blue Bird Dentistry, we don’t want anyone to go without dental care because of the cost of treatment. We are pleased to partner with CareCredit to help you get the care you need today and pay off the balance in small monthly amounts that fit your budget.

Introducing CareCredit

CareCredit works just like any other credit card except you use it for health and wellness needs like dentistry. Applying at our office or online is easy, and approval usually takes just minutes. Once you are approved, you can continue to use the card.

When you use CareCredit, you agree to a period in which you will pay back the amount borrowed, usually 6, 12, or 18 months. Make all your payments on time and pay the balance in the agreed period, and CareCredit will not charge you any interest.

You can use CareCredit to cover out-of-pocket dental expenses as well as for cosmetic procedures, dermatology, vision and hearing care, and even veterinary care for your four-legged friends!

Learn More About Payment Plans at Our 22401 Dental Office

CareCredit has helped many of our patients get the important care they need without stress or worry. If you would like to apply for CareCredit, you can ask any one of our team members, or you can apply directly online at

Pencil on top of insurance form at Fredericksburg VA dentist officeWe accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna PPO, Delta Dental and United Concordia but we will file your claim on your behalf regardless of who your insurer is. It can be a challenge to figure out dental insurance details, but our experienced team is always happy to answer your questions and provide the information you need to get the most out of your coverage.

Call Our Fredericksburg Dentist Office Today!

Please call our office at (540) 373-1641 for assistance or use our convenient online contact form.

Building exterior of Blue Bird Dentistry in Fredericksburg VAWelcome to Blue Bird Dentistry!

We are happy to meet you and prepare to assist if this is your first time visiting us. 

Blue Bird Dentistry is located at 200 Executive Center Pkwy, Suite 104 in Fredericksburg, VA. Our dentist office is between Rappahannock Women's Health Center and CVS, right across the street from Hilltop Physical Therapy. We are right off Mary Washington Boulevard and Jefferson Davis Highway. 

Fredericksburg is located on the Rappahannock River in Virginia, near Falmouth. We are south of Washington, D.C. Our fine city is central to Civil War history, with four battlefields located within the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.

Nearby landmarks are Mary Washington Hospital, University of Mary Washington, and Rappahannock River. 

There are EV Charging Centers within a short distance to Blue Bird Dentistry if you require a charge. We are a short distance away from a Wells Fargo bank, along with many restaurants and take-out locations. 

Contact Our Dentist Office in Fredericksburg To Schedule An Exam!

While we are centrally located, we understand that it is a busy area. Don't ever hesitate to call your Fredericksburg dentist office at (540) 373-1641 if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment at Blue Bird Dentistry. We are always available and happy to assist!

If you are interested in exploring our fantastic city, let our front desk staff know. We can recommend family-friendly parks and activities, as well as delicious restaurants. 


Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient smiling outside after cosmetic dentistry in Fredericksburg VASometimes patients want to upgrade their smile, but do not want invasive surgery.

In our Fredericksburg, VA dental office, we offer several non-surgical or non-invasive cosmetic dentistry options to help you radically improve your smile without recovery time or hours in the dental chair.

Services for Cosmetic Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA

Our Fredericksburg, VA cosmetic dentist examines your teeth and gums to make sure the cosmetic dental options you choose will provide the smile you’re looking for.

During this cosmetic dental exam, you are encouraged to ask questions or address any concerns that you may have about cosmetic dentistry.

If you’re a good candidate, our 22401 cosmetic dentist will explain the process and start you on your smile journey!

Contact Blue Bird Dentistry to Get Started

If you’re looking for easier cosmetic dentistry that does not require invasive surgery, contact our Fredericksburg, VA dental office today. If you have questions about the cosmetic dental options we offer, our team is available to chat with you today and address your concerns.

Woman smiling near cosmetic dentist in Fredericksburg VAAt Blue Bird Dentistry, we think you should be happy with your smile, and we want to help you reach your smile goals so you can achieve this happiness.

If you’re looking for great cosmetic dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA, we offer a variety of options to help you have the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Treatments at Blue Bird Dentistry

We have options for missing, discolored, and crooked teeth.

These options include:

  • Porcelain veneers—thin, tooth-colored shells that go over the fronts of your teeth to provide a Hollywood-like smile
  • Dental crowns—colored to match your smile and to conceal tooth flaws
  • Invisalign—to straighten your teeth discreetly with clear plastic aligners
  • Dental implants—life-like replacement teeth
  • Implant-retained dentures—a few dental implants can support an entire arch of restorations
  • Professional teeth whitening—dramatically whiter teeth under the supervision of a dental professional
  • Full-smile makeovers—cosmetic dentistry meets general dentistry for a beautiful, healthy smile

Cosmetic dentistry in our Fredericksburg, VA dental office begins with a special examination by our cosmetic dentist. He will assess your oral health to make sure restoration dentistry, and cosmetic treatments are right for you.

Contact Our Fredericksburg, VA Dentist Office for A Consultation

If you’re ready to reclaim your smile and look into cosmetic dental options, contact Blue Bird Dentistry to schedule your initial dental exam today.

Crowns & Bridges

The answer to this question is actually different for every patient, and to be honest, a lot depends on how you take care of your dental crown.

Quality Dental Crowns in Fredericksburg, VA

Digital graphic of dental crown covering tooth in Fredericksburg VAJust like a natural tooth, a dental crown can break if you're biting directly into hard foods or biting things you're not supposed to, such as ice. Some foods to be aware of are carrots, apples, and hard breads. You don't have to eliminate these foods altogether but rather cut them into smaller pieces that help you avoid biting into them.

Chewy foods like taffy, caramels, or even steak can also be detrimental to a tooth crown. These foods can actually pull your restoration right off of your tooth if you're not careful when eating them. Try to divert your food to other areas of your mouth away from your restoration if you're eating something chewy.

Generally, a porcelain tooth crown can last for 12 to 15 years if you're taking good care of it with regular brushing and flossing and routine checkups and teeth cleanings at your 22401 dentist office.

If you have questions or concerns about dental crowns in Fredericksburg, VA, don't hesitate to contact Blue Bird Dentistry at (540) 373-1641. Our team is here to help!


A dental crown is an artificial cap placed over a natural tooth to protect a damaged or injured area. On a natural tooth, the crown is the visible portion above the gum line. Tool holding up a dental crown in Fredericksburg VA

Artificial crowns are used to restore appearance and function to a tooth whose structure has been compromised. Dental crowns in Fredericksburg, VA can strengthen teeth and provide support where there otherwise would be none. Crowns are considered strong dental restorations that typically prevent further breakdown.

Improve Your Smile with Dental Crowns

Artificial crowns mimic the look of our teeth's natural crowns. Crowns are typically manufactured in a dental lab and can be made from a variety of materials including porcelain, composite resin, ceramics, or metal alloys.

Because dental crowns are visible when you smile and speak, it is important that they blend in with the other teeth in your mouth. Dental labs have the ability to customize the color and size of artificial crowns to create a natural look. Thanks to the discreet appearance of crowns, you will likely be the only one who ever knows they're there. 

Contact Us to Get Started with Dental Crowns in Fredericksburg!

Dr. Mohamed Elnahass treats many patients at our Fredericksburg, VA dental office using dental crowns. If you think crowns might be right for your smile, contact Blue Bird Dentistry today! 

Close up of Dental Crowns at Fredericksburg VA dental officeCurious about the purpose of dental crowns? Crowns help protect teeth that have been damaged or otherwise compromised. Crowns are made of artificial materials such as porcelain and are designed to mimic the look of natural teeth. 

If Dr. Elnahass recommends a dental crown in Fredericksburg, VA, it could be for a number of different reasons. Crowns typically serve two purposes in dentistry: restorative and cosmetic. 

Restore Damaged or Missing Teeth with Dental Crowns

You may need a crown if a tooth has been weakened by dental decay, cracks, fractures, or if a tooth had a previous root canal. Dental crowns are also a component of dental implants, so a crown would be necessary if you recently had a titanium implant placed into your jawbone. Because crowns sit on top of the neck and roots of a tooth, they cover and protect what is underneath. Dental crowns help preserve the injured parts of a tooth that would otherwise be exposed to further damage.

Dental Crowns in Cosmetic Dentistry 

Dental crowns are also often used in cosmetic dentistry procedures in Fredericksburg. If you have a tooth that is misshapen, discolored, uneven, or worn down, a dental crown can be placed. Our office uses dental crowns to give our Fredericksburg, VA patients more even, uniform smiles. Crowns are a permanent, durable solution to many cosmetic dental problems!

Contact Our Fredericksburg, VA Dentist Office

If you are interested in restorative or cosmetic dental crowns in Fredericksburg, contact Blue Bird Dentistry today! 

Dental Implants

Dentists prefer dental implants to replace missing teeth because they are the most like natural teeth. This similarity is what sets dental implants in Fredericksburg apart from other tooth replacements such as Dental crown and implant screw going into gums at 22401 dentist officedental bridges and removable dentures.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Fredericksburg

One advantage of dental implants is that they don’t rely on the support of healthy adjacent teeth as bridges do. When we place the crowns that support your dental bridge, we have to alter the shape of those teeth. Since a dental implant is a standalone tooth replacement, there’s no need to involve healthy teeth.

Dental Implant Procedure

Another reason that Dr. Elnahass recommends dental implants in Fredericksburg, VA is that they prevent bone loss in your jaw. As soon as you lose a tooth, the bone in that area of your jaw starts to shrink. Dentures and bridges don’t prevent bone loss because they are not rooted in the jaw.

A dental implant, however, is placed surgically in your jaw bone, and as it heals, it integrates with the bone and tissue around it. After several months of healing, the implant acts just like a natural tooth root to prevent bone loss.

Contact Our Dentist Office in Fredericksburg, VA

If you’re considering dental implants, please contact our Fredericksburg dental office. Dr. Elnahass is trained to place implants, so he can handle the entire procedure here at Blue Bird Dentistry.

Your dentist in Fredericksburg, VA offers various tooth replacement options, including dental implants to restore confidence and improve oral health. We are also happy to invite patients from all locations to learn more about our options, including friends and neighbors from Stafford, King George, Bowling Green, and Triangle.

A dental implant is unique to other tooth replacement options because it restores all parts of the lost tooth—from root to crown. It is simply the most natural-looking and functioning choice available today.

What Is Involved in Getting a Dental Implant ?Implant screw abutment and dental crown at Fredericksburg dentist office

Your dentist near me evaluates your mouth to make sure dental implants will work for you. This includes x-rays and a comprehensive look at your bone structure and sinus placement. Sometimes, if you don’t have enough jawbone—or if your sinus is too close to your upper arch—your dentist may recommend bone grafting or a sinus lift to help make the dental implant a reality for you.

If a dental implant is right for you, we schedule your implant placement. This means your dentist surgically implants a tooth replacement root into your jawbone. After a few months, this post integrates and becomes part of your anatomy.

At this point, your dentist tops your implant post with a replacement tooth, commonly known as a dental crown.

For patients who have full or nearly full tooth loss, we can also implant four to six replacement roots and secure a denture or dental bridge to your jaw. This eliminates slipping, clicking, and the need for adhesives or relines.

Are Dental Implants Safe? 

Dental implants have been around for a long time now, and they rely on quality titanium, which easily integrates with human bone. This makes dental implants incredibly stable compared with removable options. And dental implants are successful almost 99 percent of the time.

Dental implants have enjoyed excellent clinical outcomes and excel in patient satisfaction.

Of course, your dentist in 22401 makes sure your jawbone health is up to par before giving you the okay for treatment. And follow-up visits for exams and teeth cleanings help prevent implant complications—the same way these good habits prevent natural tooth and gum health issues.

The Dental Implant Process at a Glance

Woman smiling at dentist office in Fredericksburg VAThe process of replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant in Fredericksburg, VA is performed in stages to allow the bone to heal and the implant to become more stable before placing the final tooth on the implant. Depending on the quality of the bone and the speed of healing, implant treatment can take from 4 to 9 months. 

Four to six dental implants can also fix an implant-supported denture, allowing you a full smile with fewer replacement roots.

Your Dental Implant Dentist Near Stafford, VA

Dr. Mohamed Elnahass attended NYU, where he earned his DDS. He then practiced in New Hampshire before settling in Virginia.

He is an experienced and ethical dentist who wants to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. He loves his career choice and welcomes patients near and far. Talk to Dr. Elnahass about your smile goals and our treatments, including cosmetic dentistry and clear braces in Fredericksburg, VA.

For Dental Implants Near Me, Contact Our Office Today

Throughout the implant process, we offer support and encouragement—always available to answer your questions as you journey toward your dream smile.

Reach out to a dental team member today to get started.

Digital X-Rays

Your dentist near Falmouth, VA detects cavities in various ways, including through exam, feel, and dental x-rays.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays Fredericksburg dentist examining a digital dental x-ray

Dental x-rays in Fredericksburg, VA are especially good at finding cavities between teeth that are not immediately visible.

A dental cavity means you have a decayed tooth. Your dentist can clear away this decay and provide a dental filling to restore the tooth to health.

The best ways to lower your risks for cavities are to regularly visit your dentist for dental exams and teeth cleanings, brush and floss after meals, and lower your intake of acidic and sugary foods and drinks.

Your exam is designed to spot emerging cavities and treat them before they grow and pose a risk to your tooth. Professional teeth cleanings get rid of the debris that causes cavities. Your brushing and flossing routine further mitigates your risks.

Typically, patients cannot spot cavities on their own, but if you do notice a spot on your tooth or any oral health changes since your last dental visit, we encourage you to reach out to a staff member at Blue Bird Dentistry to arrange an appointment.

Schedule Your Dental Exam in 22401 Today!

Dental exams help keep your teeth healthy for life by lowering your risks for cavities and gum disease. Give Blue Bird Dentistry a call today at (540) 373-1641 to schedule your next dental exam in Fredericksburg

General Dentistry

Mother helping her daughter brush her teeth near Falmouth VAWe agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association that children should see the dentist within six months after the first tooth appears but no later than age one. Many parents are surprised that we start so early, but there are a couple of reasons for this.

Your Child's First Visit to Blue Bird Dentistry

One of the most important is that we want your little one to get used to the environment of a dental office. It can be overwhelming for a very young child, so we want to give them all the time they need to get comfortable with us. The first visit to our children's dentist in Fredericksburg, VA is meant to be low stress; we’ll give them a ride in the big chair, count their teeth, and let them look in the little mirror.

You can be confident knowing that Dr. Elnahass will never attempt to treat a child if they aren’t ready. These should be positive visits so we can start to build the foundation for your child’s future oral health care.

Of course, we also need to monitor their dental development because baby teeth have the important job of holding a space for the permanent teeth that are already growing in the gums. If a tooth is lost too soon because of decay or infection, surrounding teeth start to shift, resulting in crowding and alignment problems when the permanent tooth finally arrives. 

Early Children's Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA

If it’s time for your child’s first visit or you have questions about childhood oral health, please call Blue Bird Dentistry to arrange an appointment.

Overhead view of treatment area at Fredericksburg dentist officeAt Blue Bird Dentistry, we know that visiting the dentist stirs up anxious feelings for many patients, so we do whatever is necessary to make sure your time with us is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Dr. Mohamed Elnahass is a gentle and caring dentist in Fredericksburg, VA, and our team loves helping fearful patients get past their anxiety. We spend a lot of time working on building relationships with our patients so that you trust us to handle your care gently and with a minimum of stress.

Comfortable Dental Care at Blue Bird Dentistry

We are also pleased to offer comforting nitrous oxide sedation to take the edge off your anxiety and allow you to relax while we provide the critical care you need. You will appreciate that there are no lingering side effects with nitrous, and you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Fredericksburg

Dr. Elnahass and our team care about what matters to you and want you to tell us what it is you need to be comfortable. If you’ve been disappointed in the past with offices that didn't meet your needs, we encourage you to call Blue Bird Dentistry to make an appointment. We will show you how our warm and caring approach can change your attitude about your dental care.

Invisalign & ClearCorrect

The answer to this question is complicated because it varies greatly with each patient's unique needs.

For example, if you've had orthodontic treatment in the past but have experienced a slight relapse of your teeth, your case may not take as long to complete as someone who is straightening their teeth for the first time.

Invisalign in Fredericksburg, VA Woman putting on Invisalign clear aligners in Fredericksburg VA

Most treatments with clear braces in Fredericksburg, VA tend to take around 12 to 18 months to complete. However, your treatment time may be shorter if your case is less complicated.

The best way to decide if Invisalign is the right treatment for your needs and how long it might take is to schedule a commitment-free evaluation with Dr. Elnahass. During this evaluation, he performs a thorough examination and takes x-rays and photos of your smile. Using this information, he can determine how long your treatment may take and its cost.

Keep in mind that Invisalign in Fredericksburg, VA also requires excellent compliance to be successful. Committing to wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours per day ensures that your treatment stays on track and finishes in a timely manner. Taking your aligners out for extended periods of time could prolong your treatment time.

Schedule An Invisalign Consultation at Blue Bird Dentistry!

If you have questions about invisible braces with Invisalign, contact Blue Bird Dentistry today at (540) 373-1641 for more information.

Woman holding up tray of clear aligners near Falmouth VAFor years, people have associated orthodontics with uncomfortable metal brackets and wires that mar their appearance. It’s understandable that an adult in need of orthodontics would be hesitant about facing years of treatment with cumbersome metal braces.

Introducing Invisalign in Fredericksburg

However, at Blue Bird Dentistry, we offer Invisalign clear braces in Fredericksburg, a progressive orthodontic treatment system that can be used to correct mild to moderate tooth misalignment in as little as a year. More adults than ever are choosing Invisalign because of the dramatic results that it achieves in a short period of time.

Most importantly, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, a significant benefit for adults who are concerned about their appearance during social and business interactions.

Unlike traditional orthodontics, you can remove Invisalign aligner trays for eating, brushing, and flossing. Another significant benefit that many of our patients appreciate is that Invisalign trays are made of a smooth, comfortable plastic material that will not chafe and irritate the tender tissue inside your mouth.

Contact Blue Bird Dentistry For More on Clear Aligners

Invisalign in Fredericksburg, VA has proven to be an effective orthodontic treatment for millions of people, so please contact our Fredericksburg dentist office to learn more about this innovative approach! Our patients rave about the many advantages of a straight, healthy smile.

Preventive Treatment

The answer to this question is a resounding, yes! One of the best ways to protect your dental health and your overall well-being is to visit your general dentist in Fredericksburg, VA every six months for preventive dental cleanings. Here's why.

Dental Exams & Cleanings in FredericksburgClose up of dental patients smile at 22401 dentist office

When plaque and bacteria build up on your teeth, it can cause tooth decay and gum disease problems. During your preventive cleaning, your dental hygienist removes the plaque buildup that you might miss when you brush your teeth at home.

Over time, excessive plaque buildup can irritate your gums and cause an infection known as gum disease. An infection of the main support system for your teeth will eventually result in tooth loss if it is not successfully managed. A consistent home care routine and regular trips to your dental hygienist for teeth cleanings will help keep plaque from getting out of hand.

Science has linked gum disease with many other non-dental health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and even complications during pregnancy. By visiting Blue Bird Dentistry consistently every six months for dental exams and cleanings in Fredericksburg, you are protecting both your dental health and your overall well-being.

Call us today at (540) 373-1641 to schedule your next dental cleaning and checkup in Fredericksburg.


Patient smiling in treatment chair at Fredericksburg dentist officeHow often you need to visit Blue Bird Dentistry for dental exams and cleanings in Fredericksburg depends on your current oral health. We recommend twice-yearly preventive visits for many of our patients, but three or four a year is not unusual, especially if we’re trying to control gum disease.

Custom Treatment Plans

One of the things we will discuss during your first visit is the frequency of your dental exams and teeth cleanings at our Fredericksburg, VA dental office. You will meet with Dr. Elnahass and one of our hygienists, and we'll develop a treatment plan that takes your unique needs into account.

If your teeth and gums are generally healthy, dental exams and cleanings every six months are enough to maintain excellent oral health. For those with gum disease or a history of caries (cavities), Dr. Elnahass may recommend preventive dental visits as often as three or four times a year.

Schedule A Dental Appointment in Fredericksburg!

The first step is to contact Blue Bird Dentistry to arrange your first visit so we can evaluate your oral health needs. Please call our Fredericksburg, VA dental office at (540) 373-1641 to get started!

Porcelain Veneers

Yes, porcelain veneers in Fredericksburg, VA are permanent. You may have temporary veneers during the treatment phase which lasts for a few weeks. 

Does it Hurt to Get Veneers in Fredericksburg?

Generally, veneers are not a painful procedure and we do everything possible to make sure that our patients are comfortable and do not feel pain during the procedure. 

Teeth Whitening

Woman smiling during procedure for teeth whitening in Fredericksburg VAProfessional teeth whitening at Blue Bird Dentistry can produce stunning results but will not (cannot, actually) make your teeth any whiter than their natural shade. If you feel your teeth might be “too white” after treatment, it’s probably due to the contrast before and after whitening.

How Teeth Whitening in Fredericksburg Works

The whiteness of your teeth also depends on many factors. It's a fact of life that dental enamel thins over time and exposes the yellowish layer of dentin beneath it. Age, diet, oral hygiene, and the use of tobacco products also impact the brightness of your smile.

When you were very young, your teeth were beautifully white because they had not been exposed to these elements. But as you aged, your dental enamel became more porous, creating tiny holes. Over time, stain-producing products like coffee, tea, and red wine seep into these openings and can only be lifted from your enamel with professional teeth whitening.

Proper oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings in Fredericksburg can go a long way toward minimizing staining and should always be a part of your routine. But if you want to regain a youthful smile, professional teeth whitening is your best option. We are pleased to offer both in-office and custom take-home whitening so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

Contact Our 22401 Dentist Office to Schedule

If you’re ready to take your smile to the next level with teeth whitening, please contact our Fredericksburg, VA dental office today!

Tooth Extraction

Fredericksburg, VA dental patient covering mouth with post it note due to dental anxietyHaving a tooth extraction in Fredericksburg, VA causes stress and anxiety for most people, so it’s understandable that you want a solution that will help you relax. At Blue Bird Dentistry, we are pleased to offer our patients the benefits of calming nitrous oxide sedation for stress-inducing procedures like tooth extraction.

How We Help Alleviate Dental Anxiety 

For many people, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a very effective method of sedation. All you have to do is sit back, breathe, and you will feel the calming effects immediately. Nitrous oxide does not “knock you out.” It merely makes you feel drowsy and calm so that the sights and sounds around you fade away.

You will be alert enough to let us know if you’re uncomfortable, but you will not go to sleep. When we finish your procedure, we stop the flow of nitrous and let you breathe pure oxygen for a few moments. You will leave our office feeling alert and awake with no side effects. Since nitrous wears off so quickly, you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Gentle Extractions in Fredericksburg

Tooth extraction is an essential procedure that you should not put off for any reason, and especially not because of fear. Please contact our Fredericksburg, VA dental office, and we will be happy to explain how nitrous oxide can help you.

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