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Will an x-ray always show if you need a root canal?

If you’re diagnosed with a root infection, a root canal treatment gets rid of your dental pain, gum swelling, and restores your tooth to health. And we offer gentle root canals in Fredericksburg, VA.

Typically, if you need a root canal, you will have symptoms:

  • Toothache or increasing sensitivity
  • Gum swelling and a blister on the gum

But if the infection is only emerging or the tooth nerve is not viable, you may not notice any symptoms. Fortunately, digital x-rays at Blue Bird Dentistry can uncover an emerging root infection, often before it causes you pain.

Your dentist uses anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding tissue to treat your root infection. The next step is removing the infected pulp and cleaning the tooth’s canal. The final step is closing the tooth with a seal to promote healing. Then, we typically cap the tooth with a dental crown at a follow-up visit to restore function.

You can lower your risks for root infections and other preventable conditions through regular dental checkups, teeth cleanings, and excellent oral hygiene.

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Even if you have only minor tooth sensitivity, a safe digital dental x-ray can detect possible infection. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Elnahass, reach out to our dental team today at (540) 373-1641.

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