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Is it possible to restore broken teeth?

It is often possible to restore broken teeth, depending on the severity of the fractures. In some cases, if a tooth is broken below the gumline, your dentist in Fredericksburg, VA will recommend a dental extraction followed by tooth replacement. Our best tooth replacement options include dental implants.

If you have knocked out your tooth, we can sometimes reset it into the gum with timely intervention. Be sure to keep the tooth in a cup of water to keep it moist until your emergency dental visit.

We offer repair for cracked teeth for less significant fractures.

Methods may include:

  • Dental crown—Restabilizes your tooth and blends seamlessly with your smile. The dental crown is a hollow cap that fits your cracked tooth for aesthetics and function.
  • Dental bonding—Works for small chips that may be primarily cosmetic. Dental bonding relies on tooth-colored resin to cover chips, cracks, and other minor tooth flaws.
  • Dental veneer—Conceals tooth flaws beautifully. A dental veneer is a thin ribbon of quality porcelain fitted across the front of a tooth.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Fredericksburg, VA

A broken tooth requires intervention from the dentist. Give us a call as soon as possible at (540) 373-1641 to arrange your emergency dental care appointment with Dr. Elnahass. We always work to treat dental emergencies as quickly as possible.

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