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When should I first take my child to the dentist?

Mother helping her daughter brush her teeth near Falmouth VAAt Blue Bird Dentistry, we agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association that children should see the dentist within six months of their first tooth appearing, but no later than age one. Many parents are surprised that we start so early, but there are a couple of reasons for early children's dentistry.

Your Child's First Visit to Blue Bird Dentistry

Our team wants your little one to get used to the environment of a dentist office. It can be overwhelming for a young child, so we want to give them all the time they need to get comfortable with us. The first visit to our children's dentist in Fredericksburg, VA is meant to be low stress. We’ll give them a ride in the treatment chair, count their teeth, and let them look in the little mirror.

You can be confident knowing that Dr. Mohamed Elnahass will never attempt to treat a child if they aren’t ready. These should be positive visits so we can start to build the foundation for your child’s future oral health care.

Of course, we also need to monitor their dental development because baby teeth have the important job of holding a space for the permanent teeth that are already growing in the gums. If a tooth is lost too soon because of decay or infection, surrounding teeth start to shift, resulting in crowding and alignment problems when the permanent tooth finally arrives. 

Schedule A Visit With Our Children's Dentist in Fredericksburg!

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