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How much do dental veneers cost?

Dental veneers in Fredericksburg, VA are an excellent way to conceal your smile flaws. They are thin half-shells that cover the front of teeth. These shells reflect light like dental enamel to give you a natural finish.

A dental veneer can conceal much of the following:

  • Mildly crooked teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Short or worn teeth
  • Gummy type smiles
  • Midline issues
  • Small chips

Your dentist will evaluate you to make sure veneers are the best choice. We want you to reach your smile goals and are always happy to help you get there with the right treatments!

If veneers are right for you, we schedule placement. Because your Fredericksburg, VA cosmetic dentist removes a bit of tooth enamel to cement your veneers, they are considered permanent. This means a damaged veneer should always be replaced.

As far as cost, the final price varies based on several factors, including veneer type, number of veneers, and any required pretreatments. However, after your consultation, we can tell you what your final cost will be before your dentist schedules treatment.

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