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How do I clean my dentures?

Keeping dentures clean is essential for your general health and future as a denture wearer. You want to avoid issues like gum disease and infections, making it difficult or impossible to continue wearing dentures.

If you wear partial dentures, keeping supporting teeth healthy to support your prosthetic is also essential.

Cleaning dentures is simple, and there are a few different options. Your Fredericksburg, VA denture dentist recommends a denture bath during sleep. You can purchase a denture bath at your local drugstore. It is a plastic container designed to hold dentures in tap water. The water should be at room temperature. You can add a dissolvable cleaning tablet to your denture bath to help disinfect the prosthetic.

Some patients like to brush their dentures with a special denture brush and denture polish, also available at your local drugstore. Be sure the polish you purchase is for dentures, not natural teeth.

Besides denture hygiene, it’s also important to keep your gums clean. You can gently brush your gums to clear debris and lower your risks for gum disease and infections.

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