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What Is Root Canal Treatment?

October 27, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Mohamed Elnahass
Man with tooth pain from root canal infection in Fredericksburg

A root canal in Fredericksburg, VA, is a therapy that rids a tooth canal of pain and infection. It also reduces swelling and saves the tooth from extraction or loss.

This is a necessary treatment and the only way to get rid of this type of tooth infection short of dental extraction.

Root Infection Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Root canal infections may result from trauma, skipping brushing and flossing sessions, or not visiting the dentist every six months for checkups and teeth cleanings.

If bacteria breach your enamel or gum and penetrate the canal of your tooth, you’re at risk for infection. And root infection is typically painful because the tooth canal houses the tooth’s nerves. Conversely, you rarely will have a painless root infection because the nerves are damaged and not conducting pain.

Besides pain, you may notice swelling and a blister on the gum.

To treat this infection and save your tooth from extraction, your dentist performs root canal treatment in Fredericksburg, VA.

Root canal treatment is a four-step process:

  1. Diagnosing your infection, often through an emergency dental visit
  2. Extracting the infection under anesthesia
  3. Washing the canal and sealing it temporarily
  4. Revisiting the dentist for future dental crown placement

Diagram of tooth and root canal structureExtracting an infection from your tooth’s canal isn’t painful, but you may notice lingering soreness for several hours after the anesthesia wears off. You can try store-bought Ibuprofen if necessary.

Lowering Your Risks for Oral Infection

  • Visit your dentist twice yearly for dental cleanings and oral exams.
  • Brush your teeth often, ideally after every meal but at least twice daily.
  • Wear a mouthguard if you compete in sports to prevent injury.
  • Wear your nightguard during sleep if you have bruxism (teeth grinding).
  • Report tooth sensitivity and other oral changes to your dentist.

Talk to Your Fredericksburg, VA Dentist about Root Canals

Toothaches are a sign that something is wrong. So if you notice tooth pain or swelling, contact Blue Bird Dentistry in Fredericksburg to arrange an emergency dental visit.

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