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The Difference Between Invisalign and Traditional Braces

May 7, 2021
Posted By: Blue Bird Dentistry
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We love helping patients near Fredericksburg create more attractive, healthier smiles with teeth straightening treatments like Invisalign. ClearCorrect, Invisalign, and other clear aligner treatments have made orthodontic treatment extremely popular among adults and teens. One reason for that is the incredible discretion that clear aligners treatment provides.

With clear aligners, you can create your brand new smile without anyone even knowing that you are straightening your teeth. Invisalign’s discreet nature is one major factor that separates Invisalign treatment from that of traditional braces. While traditional braces now come in ceramic options that blend more naturally with your teeth, they are still not as discreet as nearly invisible Invisalign aligners and other clear aligner treatments.

In addition to aesthetics, there are, of course, many other differences between the teeth-straightening methods. If you’re weighing whether to pursue Invisalign treatment or traditional braces near Fredericksburg, VA, we have put together some other important factors to consider when comparing the two to make your decision easier. 

Clear Aligners vs. Braces

We have already discussed the aesthetic advantage Invisalign and ClearCorrect enjoy over traditional braces. However, there are many other differences between the two teeth-straightening methods, including:


Removable clear aligners can help make your oral hygiene routine easier and more effective. Patients can remove their Invisalign or ClearCorrect aligners whenever they eat, drink, brush, or floss. This makes both the aligners themselves and your teeth and gums easy to clean and maintain. Hand holding up clear aligners at 22401 dentist office

A patient cannot remove traditional braces without the help of a dentist, which means oral hygiene routines have to include your braces. Since they can’t be removed when you eat, you also must change your diet to accommodate your braces, avoiding hard or sticky foods that may interfere with your orthodontics. 

Appointments for Adjustments

Your dentist provides two sets of customized Invisalign aligners to start you off, and you'll only need to visit the dental office about every 4-6 weeks to get your new sets of aligners. As your treatment progresses, you can simply change out the aligners every 2-3 weeks at home as scheduled. Of course, your dentist in Fredericksburg, VA will also check up on your progress at the same time you pick up your new aligners. 

Traditional braces require regular adjustments by the dentist to keep your treatment on track, which means frequent dental visits. More visits can mean a higher treatment cost in the long run, and every visit takes time out of your day. 

Comfort Level of Invisalign Treatment and Braces

Since Invisalign aligners are made with clear, smooth plastic, patients often find them very comfortable to wear. Customized clear aligners are flexible and removable, and they don’t have any sharp, rough edges that could harm your gums or the insides of your cheeks. In fact, since they are customized to fit your teeth perfectly, you should enjoy ideal comfort. 

While most patients don’t find traditional braces uncomfortable, they can irritate some patients’ mouths if the material of the braces rubs or pokes against sensitive areas. Dr. Elnahass will work with you, no matter which option you choose, to make your orthodontic treatment as comfortable as possible.

Length of Treatment Time

The amount of time it takes to straighten a patient’s smile depends on their dental needs and their ultimate smile goals. That makes it difficult to estimate your potential treatment length without an exam. However, both Invisalign treatments and traditional braces take some time to move your teeth into their correct positions.

The average Invisalign treatment time is 12 to 18 months. The average treatment time for traditional braces varies widely depending on the patient’s unique dental situation, age, and needs. But on average, treatment time with traditional braces takes between one and three years.

For Invisalign aligners to complete your treatment in your planned treatment time, you need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. This is one area where traditional braces may offer a better option than clear aligners to some patients. If you believe you lack the dedication to wear clear aligners as scheduled, traditional braces may offer you a more timely treatment option. Since you can’t remove your traditional braces, you can’t forget to put them back in, which means it’s much more difficult for you to slow your treatment time. 

Woman smiling outside near dentist office in Fredericksburg VAThe First Step Toward Straighter Teeth

At Blue Bird Dentistry, Dr. Elnahass is our experienced dentist who performs a smile evaluation as the first step in your teeth-straightening journey. During your evaluation, he will discuss your specific needs and lifestyle with you to help you discover which teeth-straightening option is best. 

Overall, clear aligners provide patients in Fredericksburg with an effective and discreet way to straighten their teeth, which gives many of our patients a sense of freedom that they don’t experience with braces. 

For that reason and many others, we find that clear aligner often provide a wonderful treatment option for our patients. However, there are certain cases where traditional braces are more appropriate. If that is the case, Dr. Elnahass will let you know during the consultation. 

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