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6 Ways Dental Cleanings Improve Your Smile

December 15, 2020
Posted By: Blue Bird Dentistry
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Dental professionals and the American Dental Association recommend professional teeth cleanings at least twice per year—more often if you have gingivitis or periodontal disease.

As part of preventive dentistry, professional dental cleanings in Fredericksburg, VA have several important benefits.

Professional teeth cleanings at Blue Bird Dentistry get rid of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. It’s important to remember that brushing and flossing are critical, but these at-home habits alone will not significantly lower your risks for preventable oral health conditions.

Let’s look at the reasons your dentist in Fredericksburg, VA recommends regular exams and cleanings.

1. Cavity Prevention

When you skip professional teeth cleanings, you cannot fully rid your teeth of plaque. Eventually, you’ll develop tooth decay as acid and bacteria deplete your enamel. Teeth cleaning with our hygienist gets rid of plaque, and special dental tools can take care of hard-to-reach areas as well.

2. Gum Disease Prevention

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even wellness issues affecting the heart and lungs. Gum disease has even been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. We can help prevent gum disease or use teeth cleaning as part of treatment if you have already been diagnosed.

3. Prevent Tooth Loss

Deep decay and infections can lead to tooth loss, especially when teeth begin to break below the gumline. Teeth cleanings in our dental office significantly lower your risks for deep decay and root infections.

4. Fresher Breath

When you rid your teeth and gums of bacteria, it significantly improves your breath. This can help you feel more confident when speaking.

5. Clean Teeth for a Brighter Smile

Professional teeth cleanings may help reduce the stains left behind by coffee, tea, and tobacco. A clean and polish mean a brighter smile for you. If you are interested teeth whitening treatment, call us at (540) 373-1641!

6. Save Money in the Future

Because preventive exams and teeth cleanings help prevent cavities, infections, and gum disease, it means less time in the dental chair later on, which saves you both time and money.

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