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4 Common Dental Emergencies We Treat

March 26, 2021
Posted By: Blue Bird Dentistry
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Your emergency dentist in Fredericksburg, VA teats all dental emergencies, but some are more common than others. The goals of emergency treatment are always to get rid of your pain, stabilize the situation, and restore your oral health.

Let’s look at 4 common dental emergencies in Fredericksburg.

1. Root Canal Infections

These are common dental infections found in the roots of teeth. If you have a root infection, you may notice swelling, pain, tooth sensitivity, and a blister on the gum. Root infections require prompt treatment to prevent increasing pain and the spread of infection. It’s a straightforward procedure where your dentist in Fredericksburg removes the infection from your tooth and seals it at a later appointment with a temporary filling or dental crown.

2. Deep Decay or Trauma

Deep decay that is causing pain or trauma requires immediate dental care. Your dentist assesses the decay or damage and provides the best treatment for your situation. In some cases, we treat this issue similarly to a root infection and provide you with a dental crown to save the tooth and prevent breakage.

3. Tooth or Restoration Knocked out or Broken

With timely intervention, your dentist may be able to restore a tooth that has been knocked out. We can also restore restorations and, in many cases, crown a broken tooth to save you from a dental extraction.

4. Soft Tissue Injury

Your dentist examines your soft tissue injury—typically an injury to the gum—and treats the situation. However, if you’ve sustained a head or body injury, we always want you to visit the ER first and contact Blue Bird Dentistry only after you’ve been checked out and declared safe.

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